Cheap laptops in Zimbabwe for Sale

A list of places or websites where you can find cheap laptops in Zimbabwe for sale. The list also has laptop prices in Zimbabwe.

When looking for a cheap laptop to buy in Zimbabwe, google searches only show results for classifieds pages, and a few websites that sell laptops in Zimbabwe. These websites usually have high prices for the laptops.

Furthermore, their information may not be up to date as the posts will be outdated. The websites may show laptop prices in Zimbabwe for listings that may be several months to several years old.

We have compiled a list of sellers for you, with up to date information, if you are planning to buy a cheap laptop in Zimbabwe. If you are also looking for prices of laptops in Zimbabwe, this list may also get you started.

Cheap Laptops in Zimbabwe | Laptop prices in Zimbabwe: The List

Madhiri muHarare is a Facebook page that lists laptops available for sale. The prices and laptops are updated regularly. They have reasonable prices for laptops as well.

Curtis and Russell Computers, also update their information regularly on their Facebook page. However they are not as consistent as Madhiri paHarare. They have brand new laptops as well as second hand laptops on offer.

Bid or Buy is a Facebook group that advertises for sellers in Zimbabwe. It has many goods on offer including laptops.

Zimbabwe Market Centre, is also a Facebook group which has several goods being advertised. Laptops are advertised on this group as well.

More on buying laptops in Zimbabwe

Laptops, printers and phones for sale in Zimbabwe is yet another public Facebook group. It mostly has ads for phones, but laptops and computers are occasionally found there as well.

Cheap laptops Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Online Market, is also another Facebook group were items are listed for sale. This group also often advertises laptops for sale.

If you are planning to buy a laptop or computer in Zimbabwe, Facebook groups will provide you better value for your money, especially for second hand laptops.

Features to look for when buying a laptop in Zimbabwe

Try to buy a laptop with a processor that is an Intel core i3, core i5 or core i7 processor. These will be faster and more responsive.

Look out for laptops with SSD drives. These will boot up really quickly and will generally be way more responsive than computers with hard disk drives.

Laptops with Full HD 1920 x 1080p displays will provide a better viewing experience than HD ready 1366 x 768 displays.

Check the RAM installed on the computer. 8GB of RAM should be adequate for smooth multi-tasking.

Last but not least check the battery life of the laptop.

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