DStv Zambia Prices 2023: What You Need to Know

DStv Zambia Prices 2023

DStv is the leading satellite TV service provider in Zambia, offering a wide range of channels and packages to suit your entertainment needs. Whether you are looking for sports, movies, news, documentaries, or kids’ shows, DStv has something for everyone.

But how much does it cost to enjoy DStv in Zambia in 2023? In this article, we will break down the DStv Zambia prices 2023 for each package and explain how you can manage your account using DStv self service.

DStv Zambia Packages and Prices 2023

DStv offers six different packages in Zambia, each with its own price and number of channels. Here is a summary of the DStv Zambia prices 2023 for each package:

Package Channels Price
DStv Premium Over 150 ZMW 1,200
DStv Compact Plus Over 100 ZMW 750
DStv Compact Over 90 ZMW 450
DStv Family Over 70 ZMW 250
DStv Access Over 50 ZMW 120
DStv EasyView Over 30 ZMW 20
  • DStv Premium: This is the most expensive and comprehensive package, offering over 150 channels, including all the SuperSport channels, M-Net channels, and international channels. The DStv Premium price in Zambia is ZMW 1,200 per month.
  • DStv Compact Plus: This package is ideal for sports lovers, as it includes most of the SuperSport channels, as well as over 100 other channels. The DStv Compact Plus price in Zambia is ZMW 750 per month.
  • DStv Compact: This package offers a balanced mix of entertainment, with over 90 channels, including some SuperSport channels, M-Net channels, and local channels. The DStv Compact price in Zambia is ZMW 450 per month.
  • DStv Family: This package is designed for families, with over 70 channels, including kids’ channels, family-friendly movies and series, and local channels. The DStv Family price in Zambia is ZMW 250 per month.
  • DStv Access: This package is the cheapest option, offering over 50 channels, including news, music, and local channels. The DStv Access price in Zambia is ZMW 120 per month.
  • DStv EasyView: This package is only available as an add-on to any of the other packages, offering over 30 channels, mostly local and free-to-air. The DStv EasyView price in Zambia is ZMW 20 per month.

How to Use DStv Self Service

DStv Self Service: Zambia

DStv self service is a convenient way to manage your DStv account online or on your mobile phone. With DStv self service, you can do the following:

  • Pay your subscription using various methods, such as credit card, mobile money, or bank transfer.
  • Check your balance and due date.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your package.
  • Clear error codes and fix common issues.
  • View your payment history and statements.
  • Change your personal details and preferences.
  • Find out what’s on and set reminders.

To use DStv self service online, you need to register on the DStv website using your smartcard number and email address. To use DStv self service on your mobile phone, you need to download the MyDStv app from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

DStv Customer Care Number

If you need any assistance or have any queries regarding your DStv account or service, you can contact the DStv customer care number in Zambia. The DStv customer care number in Zambia is +260 211 368200. You can also email them at dstvcare@zamnet.zm or visit their website at www.dstvafrica.com.


DStv is a great way to enjoy quality entertainment at home or on the go. With different packages and prices to suit your budget and preferences, you can always find something to watch on DStv. To make the most of your DStv experience, you can use DStv self service to manage your account easily and conveniently.

If you need any help or have any questions, you can always reach out to the DStv customer care number in Zambia.We hope this article has given you all the information you need about the DStv Zambia prices 2023. Alternatively you can compare with GoTV Zambia Prices 2023. Happy viewing!

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