TVs for sale in Zimbabwe at affordable prices.

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Recently, I was looking to buy a new TV in Zimbabwe. I did a couple of searches on google with the following terms:

  • Cheap TVs in Zimbabwe
  • TV for sale in Zimbabwe
  • Buy TV Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe TV for sale

However these searches were not getting any good results. It was the usual classifieds, or some other websites with exorbitant prices or outdated information.

Before we get into the list, there are some fake LED TVs being sold on the Zimbabwe market. These can be fake Samsung, LG and Sony LED TVs. They are being called “Dubai” or “Chinese” versions.

Therefore before purchasing a TV from a seller, make sure to confirm about the originality of the TV.

Here’s a list of places where you can get some good deals if you looking for a TV in Zimbabwe.

Cheap TVs for sale in Zimbabwe : The List.

  • Philadelphia Electronix. These guys sell 100% original LED TVs. They also offer free delivery. They customer service is quite good. You can call or send a WhatsApp message to them on 0772391080.
  • DIAL a TV – Zimbabwe. This is a Facebook page that has some good up to date information. The prices for the TVs are reasonable as well. They also offer you free delivery.
  • Pay on Delivery Zimbabwe. Again, this is a Facebook page that also has cheap prices for TVs. You can also easily send the guys a WhatsApp message to get more details.
  • TV Sales & Xbox Gaming. Yet another Facebook page with TVs you can purchase.
  • Items for sale in Zimbabwe. Also another Facebook Page. Several items are advertised on this group. You can also find some TVs as well.
  • Zimbabwe Market Centre. This is a Facebook group, were individual sellers, post their ads. TVs are frequently advertised on this group.

More options if you are looking to buy a TV in Zimbabwe

The options given above may be limited in terms of the choice of the TVs you can buy. If you are looking for more options here are a few more links.

  • Techscene. If offers a greater variety of TVs, however the prices seem steeper.
  • Buyers and Sellers Junction Zimbabwe is a Facebook group, that mainly advertises TVs for sale.
  • 10ngah. An e-commerce website for several goods including TVs. Their prices seem quite high though.
  • TV Sales & Home. A traditional brick and mortar store that offers the greatest variety. Prices are in RTGS$, but will be relatively higher than prices of the smaller sellers.

So if you are looking to buy a TV in Zimbabwe, hopefully this list will get you started.

You can find more TV sellers at

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