Cars For Sale on Facebook in South Africa – 25+ FB Groups

25+ Facebook Groups For Cars On Sale in South Africa

Facebook has a thriving marketplace for buying and selling cars in South Africa. If you are interested in buying a used car, there a plenty of options available. You can also get in touch with the sellers directly and negotiate a good deal. On the other hand if you are selling your car Facebook groups provide a huge audience with many potential customers. So here’s our list of Fb groups for used cars on sale in South Africa.

Most Popular Public Facebook Groups With Cars For Sale in SA

  1. Cars for Sale SA

    If you want to buy or sell a car in South Africa, this is a good place to start. This is public group with 834K members. It gets 7 posts a day on average. Since this is a public group it will be readily accessible.

  2. Bargain Cars South Africa

    Another popular public group for cars in SA, with 204K members, and averaging 304 posts a day. It has cheap vehicles for sale around R35 000.

  3. Cars for Sale South Africa

    This group also has a large following with 86K members and averaging and 300 posts. In addition to having cars for sale, it also has car spares and workshops.

  4. Second Hand Cars For Sale South Africa Auto Fanatica

    Yet another good public group with 85K members. It averages 46 posts a day. Used cars are on offer, as well as motorcycles and quad bikes.

  5. Cheap Cars For Sale South Africa

    Also has 85K members but gets very few posts, averaging about 1 post a day, so you’ll get fewer options. It allows vehicles under R100 000 only.

  6. Cheap Cars for Less Than R30000

    As the name suggests it has posts of vehicles only under R30 000. It has 50K members and averages 14 posts a day.

  7. Cheap Cars Under 10k South Africa For Sale

    Again this group is for the lowest priced vehicles. It has an impressive membership of 74K and averages 330 posts a day.

  8. Second Hand Cars SA

    This group has a slightly lower membership of 45K but gets plenty of posts, about 65 a day. It also allows for the sale of trucks, boats, bikes and trailers.

Popular Private FB Groups for Buying and Selling Cars in SA

  1. Bakkies Only Nothing Else

    This a private group so administrators have to grant you access to view this group and advertise your vehicle. It is exclusively for bakkies, pick up trucks and SUVs for sale in SA. It has 73K members and averages 31 posts a day.

  2. Cars and Property for Sale In South Africa

    The group has a membership of 147K, with an average of 208 posts a day. It also allows for the sale of properties.

  3. Cars on Sale South Africa

    This group has 48K members but options are limited as it gets only about 2 posts per month.

  4. S.A. Cars Under R20k for Sale

    This group has a smaller membership of 18K, but it gets plenty of posts averaging 262 a day. It is also aimed at advertising cheaper vehicles.

Cars For Sale in South Africa FB Groups By Location

Used Cars Fb – Gauteng

  1. Used Cars for Sale Gauteng

    For those in Gauteng, this group has a huge membership of more than 147K. It gets 75 posts a day. However this is a private group and requires approval by admins to access it.

  2. Cars for Sale Johannesburg S.A.

    If you are in the Johannesburg area, here is a group especially made for you. It has 61K members and gets about 41 posts per day. It also has the advantage of being a public group that is easily accessible.

  3. Cars for Sale Pretoria

    For those in Pretoria, here is a public group for selling cars. It has more than 29K members and gets about 11 posts a day.

  4. Joburg Used Cars

    This a public forum, again for those in the Johannesburg area. There a plenty of posts from people wanting to buy cars and their budget. It has 21K members and averages 54 posts a day.

Preowned Cars Facebook Western Cape

  1. Market Place Cape Town – Used Cars & Spares

    If you in Capetown, here is a public group for you, with 35K members. It is an active group with 330 posts a day and offers plenty of choices for cars.

  2. Cars for Sale (Western Cape)

    Another public group for those in Western Cape. It has more than 22K members. It gets about 160 posts a day.

  3. Western Cape Cars for Sale

    This Fb group for selling cars has fewer members, only 13K. However it is still active with 14 posts a day.

Used Cars Fb – KwaZulu-Natal

  1. Cars and Bakkies for Sale in KZN

    This public group for those in KZN has 9K members and gets about 78 posts a day.

  2. Used Cars Durban

    This public group caters to those in Durban. It has a big following of 115K members and gets 91 posts a day.

Used Cars Facebook Eastern Cape

  1. Cars for Sale in East London

    For buying and selling cars in East London here is a public group with more than 8K members. It gets 78 posts a day on average.

  2. Cheap Car PE

    If you are in Port Elizabeth and are interested in cars for sale, this public Fb group is closer to home. It 66K members and gets 56 posts a day on average.

Bank Repo Vehicles For Sale in South Africa on Facebook

  1. Bank Repo Cars

    This a public forum for bank repossessed cars in SA. It provides details on auction for these vehicles. It has more than 258K members and gets about 1 post a day.

  2. Bank Repo Auctions SA

    This group for bank repossessed cars has 45K members nut has more posts of about 16 a day.

Rent to Own Cars For Sale in SA on Fb

Rent to Own Vehicles

If you are looking for rent to buy vehicles in South Africa, there are some companies that advertise on this group. It has 26K members with an average of 1 post a day.

Accident Damaged and Non Running Vehicles SA on Facebook

  1. SA None Runners For Sale

    Cars on this group may not be running but are still for sale. So if you are willing to buy a none runner ans take it to the mechanic, this group is for you, It has !7K members and gets 100 posts a day.

  2. All Accident Damaged Cars and Second Hand Spares for Sale

    This group has cars for sale that have been damaged due to accidents. So if you are huntting for a risky bargain, you could find it here, It has 31K members and gets 16 posts a day.