How to Identify A Fake Samsung Phone: Check Original Samsung Phone

How to identify an original Samsung android phone from a clone a

If you have recently bought a Samsung phone and now suspicious about whether it’s original or not this guide is for you. You may also be wondering how to differentiate between an original and a fake Samsung phone. As Samsung is one of the leading Smartphone manufacturers it is victim of being knocked off by much cheaper imitations. So here is how you can tell the real Samsung phone from the fake.

How to Identify Fake and Original Samsung Phone

  1. Check Phone Specifications

    Compare the specifications that are on the phone with those written online. To check the phone specs, navigate to the device Settings and select System. On system you will find the phone specs, such as display, processor, memory and storage. The specs should match with specs of the phone you found online. Some fake phone manufactures will hide the phone specs so that they show false information. To get around this you can install apps the will show the phones specs.
    Samsung Phone Specs

  2. Check the IMEI and serial number of the phone

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a 15 digit number that is different for every phone, and can be used to identify it, like a fingerprint. Hence it can be used to identify counterfeit phones. To view the, IMEI number, serial number and model, navigate to settings on the device and click about phone.
    Samsung phone imei number
    You can also dial *#06# to get the IMEI number. Once you have have the IMEI number you can enter it online to verify if the phone can be located.

  3. Check the performance

    Cloned phones usually have poor battery life. They also have cameras that are sub standard. Their built quality is also flimsy. Buttons may also be placed differently, The phone will also be slow and lagging when using it. The displays are not also sharp as the resolutions will be sharp. These red flags can also be used to identify the fake phones. You can install CPU-Z from google play to very the processor information.
    Difference between a fake and genuine android phone

  4. UI Software

    All Samsung phones will have a custom version of android. Fake Samsung phones will have a knock off version of this software. Icons may be different, some features will be missing and the apps installed will also be different. This is also be a big give away. Fake phones will also not be able to update to the latest software.
    Update Original Samsung Phone Software